Scaled Agile


Increase productivity
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at scale.

If you’re involved in managing digital projects at scale with multiple teams involved, you know too well how important it is today to effectively synchronize these teams for high-quality delivery.
The reasons to achieve this goal are numerous, as complex digital products have an enhanced need for collaboration and teams struggle to speed up their processes.
But knowing what to do is one thin,g and knowing how to achieve that goal is another thing, entirely.

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) enables organizations to visualize the big picture by mapping the roles, responsibilities, and activities required for digital development across multiple teams and initiatives. This allows organizations to answer questions about aligning their various digital development initiatives with business goals. It also helps measure success, improve predictability and to identify opportunities for improved project workflows, with multiple teams involved.

Our TRANSFORMISE IT SAFe consultants are experts for setting-up SAFe to your individual requirements, in line with the SAFe implementation roadmap. Combining SAFe Roles, Artifacts and Events with a state of the art toolchain, enables real business agility. You’ll be able to visually prioritize, track, and manage your work based on Scaled Agile values and principles – so you can establish continuous value delivery across your projects.

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Our leaders and developers are able to adapt to changing stakeholder needs, project requirements, and fluctuating market conditions using the Scaled Agile framework.

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