SAFe Transformation


Quickly adopting the
complex scaled agile framework for SAP

Our client is a leading science and technology company. Accustomed to delivering projects using traditional waterfall techniques, they decided to transform their existing SAP R/3 landscape to the latest SAP S/4 HANA technology using a scale-agile SAFe approach.

What we did

We followed a SAFe implementation roadmap at the time. First, we harmonized the existing project roles with the SAFe roles by mapping them to the client’s existing hierarchies, creating a harmonized dual operating system. To establish value streams and an initial product backlog, we worked with product management and Product owners to define consistent requirements that were clearly mapped at solution, epic, and feature levels.

Accordingly, the actual tool chain, consisting of JIRA and SAP Solution Manager as main elements, was harmonized for SAFe.

We organized on-site trainings by our scrum masters with the goal of closely coaching product managers, product owners, and team members, to be comfortable in their roles and be enabled for the first program increment (PI) planning.

With a clear product backlog, divided into initial program increments, the project was able to establish its first fully functioning release train. This provided the basis for scaling through the introduction of additional value streams and agile release trains.


We also established a JIRA-based program-wide reporting system with integrated impediment and risk reports to provide an aggregated project view, with insights from multiple levels of the SAFe project.

What we accomplished

The transformation allowed our client to move from a situation where they were only using Agile for individual projects, and quickly adopt the complex scaled agile framework. In addition to a functioning SAP delivery platform, we achieved a 30% percent reduction in attrition, higher employee satisfaction, and a working example of how to use SAFe in other client initiatives.

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