Digital Transformation
with SAP Core Upgrade


ERP Greenfield upgrade to

Our client in the fashion and retail industries introduced a strategic digital transformation with an ERP upgrade to SAP S/4 HANA technology and a set of cloud satellite applications at the core of their future IT landscape. Our client had already implemented an agile delivery structure with several synchronized teams, but it was not optimized for SAFe. The client asked for a set of experts to be integrated into their delivery organization, able to coach teams, but also to support the RTE and the Lean Agile Center of Excellence in incrementally improving the existing structures towards SAFe.

What we did

We worked closely with our client’s Agile Center of Excellence to improve the agile delivery structures in line with the SAFe framework. Our team first defined the transformation needs in line with the SAFe implementation roadmap, to set the actions needed to be ready for the first program increment planning.

After a series of training sessions for change agents and senior executives – including future product managers and product owners – we helped create value streams and a high-level roadmap to implement several elements of SAFe.This formed the basis for the “cut” of the agile release trains.
For JIRA as the main agile management tool, an upgrade was required with a specific SAFe Big Picture plugin to extend the existing Scrum boards with the planning functionality, for Program Increments – which enables cross-team planning, dependencies, and collaboration management between different teams.


For the launch of the release train, we prepared PMs, POs, and teams with a series of online coaching sessions, to teach the SAFe principles for each role, but also to be critical friends, helping to solve impediments in relation to the new SAFe organization.

What we accomplished

We trained the 12 different teams in depth on how to prepare for PI planning, focusing on requirements engineering and sprint planning procedures. After the successful launch of the first agile release train, we supported a stabilization phase over the next two program increments until SAFe was implemented at a good level across all participating teams and hierarchies.

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